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Sometimes you just have to accept that - there can be only one!

The Alutech Levigato Electric garage door opener has made an impressive impact on the garage door industry in the last two years...

Not only is it extremely stylish, but it has both power and sophistication to boot.  

This is an extremely intuitive garage door electric operator.  Forget the fact that it looks just great!...   It is extremely cohesive,  in that it is programmed to understand the movement within each operation of every door cycle  - so that it can learn each and every time it is used.  

  Running on 868.350Mhz it is unscannable and extremely secure.  Supplied with two remote control handsets as standard - the unit also boasts LED lighting and an impressive 800 Newton push-pull force which peaks out at 1200 Newtons... Easily suitable for any garage door up to  5500mm in width and standard height of 2134mm 

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