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Garage Doors in Altrincham

Garage doors can make your home look very stylish and although a garage door isn’t something you take with you should you move house, you want your garage to look presentable and provide extra security for the contents of your home.

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Door To Door Garage Doors has been supplying, repairing and servicing garage doors in the Altrincham area for many years.  We are an independent business that is very customer focussed.  

Generally, most property owners inherit a garage door, when it comes time to upgrade or install a new garage door finding a reputable supplier who can deliver both high-quality products and great customer service - You should consider  Door To Door Garage Doors as we are ready and willing to help.

Here at Door To Door Garage Doors, we’re able to provide a full range of maintenance services and door installations to suit your needs. Our highly experienced team can deliver a complete range of top-quality, hard-wearing doors for garages. If you’re looking for industry-leading garage doors in Altrincham, call our experienced team today


Q. Do I need to service my door?

A. It is recommended that you regularly clean and service all moving parts of the garage door system with lubricant. For more information please get in contact with Door To Door Garage Doors.

Q. Will my door discolour in the sun?

A. Your newly installed garage door will not become discoloured in the sun. This is covered as part of the manufacturer’s warranty.

Q. Do you service garage doors?

A. Yes, we do - For service charges and indicative costs please contact Door To Door Garage Doors.

Q. Do you repair garage doors?

A. Yes, we offer a repair service to all makes and models of garage doors. To book-in a repair call please contact us here.

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