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Roller garage door Scams

This page is for guidance and information - Please be aware that the insulated roller garage door market is saturated with both bone-fide businesses as well as corrupt characters who don't give a second thought to you or your home.  

Over the last 10 years, there has been an influx of substandard roller garage door companies selling what can only be described as dangerous and completely non-compliant products.


We have attached some pictures of 'doors' that have been removed after only 1-2 years.

  Please take your time to notice the materials that have been used to create a machine operated garage door! 


Here we can see where this unscrupulous 'installer' has made an END PLATE out of Upvc flat fascia board.  

A roller door END PLATE needs to be a robust item which supports the weight of the motor and the whole door when wound open. Idealy manufactured from die-cast aluminium or steel.

And this tube looking article is actually a soil waste pipe, generally buried underground and used to carry sewage.  The motor has been riveted inside and this will absolutely fail given enough time.  If the motor breaks away from the plastic end plate then the whole door will crash down.


Here we can see an old fashioned 'T' strap held in place with a screw and a plastic cup cover (these are normally used to hide screws when fixing upvc flat board.  


In these pictures, we can see how the makeshift guides and end plates have been bolted together and the plastic guides bent over to allow the door to slide in!  

The images above are probably the worst examples we have found to date.  This illustrates the blatant disregard for personal safety that these rouge installers have for the end user.  

Please use caution when buying an electric roller garage door,  And ask LOTS of questions.  If a small local tradesman is 'making' his own doors then they should be more than happy to explain and illustrate how those products are indeed being made.  

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